Top 6 Gut Healing Foods

Our gut is the foundation for the rest of our body. Nutrients are absorbed through the gut wall and sent throughout the body to build, repair, and carry out many other processes. If the integrity of our gut is compromised, nutrients won’t be assimilated or absorbed, leading to deficiencies, under functioning glands, hormonal imbalances, and more.

You can’t build a house without a strong foundation and our gut health is no different.

Consuming the following foods in your diet will help you to maintain a strong gut or help you heal a damaged one:


Aloe vera contains many antioxidants including vitamins A, C and E. It is also a source of eight digestive enzymes. Enzymes can be destroyed by heat, so it is important to buy aloe that is raw or freshly frozen. Many aloe juices sold as supplements are pasteurized, destroying the enzyme component of its medicinal properties. Aloe vera also has a mild laxative effect, helping to relieve constipation. Aloe vera is also anti-inflammatory providing a soothing relief to gastrointestinal irritation from conditions such as IBS, colitis, crohn’s disease, and gastritis while also helping to soothe and heal ulcers and normalize stomach acid. This is my favourite and most trusted brand of aloe


Irish moss or sea moss is a sea vegetable and a mucilaginous food. Mucilaginous foods are foods that produce a mucus like substance. Aloe vera is also slippery and mucus like, so are chia and flax seeds when they are soaked in water. These mucus-like foods actually support the mucus membranes in the body such as the respiratory tract and digestive tract. Our digestive tract is what we are most interested in here of course. It is lined with a protective mucus layer which becomes compromised when we have a digestive condition like IBS, leaky gut, Chron’s or colitis. Irish moss is packed with minerals and collagen building properties. It is rich in protein, peptides, and amino acids. It also has prebiotics that nourish our healthy gut flora. In addition to all of this, Irish moss is rich in iodine which supports the thyroid and our metabolism. This superfood also has anti-inflammatory properties helping it soothe many gastrointestinal irritations. Check it out here:


Rich in collagen and gelatin, these nutrients support a healthy mucosal lining. Bone broth is also a source of glucosamine which is anti-inflammatory and stimulates the growth of new collagen. Glycine and glutamine also aid digestion.


Avocados are packed with fiber, nutrients, healthy fats, and lots of potassium which promotes healthy gut function. Potassium is necessary for proper muscle function and the peristaltic action of the gut. Avocados are a low in fructose, so they are not likely to cause gas or flatulence.


Coconut is antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-fungal which is why it earns its place on my list of top gut healing foods. These properties of coconut help to combat candida, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), and parasites. Coconut also contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which may promote weight loss. Try coconut products such as unrefined coconut oil, fresh coconut, or even coconut yogurt and coconut kefir which have the added benefits of probiotics.


Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, yogurt, kefir, and coconut water kefir all contain probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms or good bacteria that live inside our gut. They support our immune system and are even responsible for manufacturing several B vitamins, and vitamin K. These good bacteria even support our mental health as most of our serotonin – a “feel good neurotransmitter” is produced in the gut. Healthy levels of probiotics will also work to crowd out harmful bacteria. An imbalance that will lead to a myriad of health problems such as candida, SIBO, hormonal problems, weight gain, an overloaded liver, mood disorders, and more.


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