Dealing with a digestive disorder such as celiac, IBS, or food sensitivities is no fun - especially during the holidays! Sometimes friends and family members just don't understand. Of course we'd love to dive into a pile of buttery mashed potatoes, or indulge in a slice of apple pie, but for some of us that just spells trouble. This may not be the kind of trouble that has you running to the bathroom right away. It could be the kind of trouble that shows up as migraines for weeks later, mood swings and irritability, or an eczema flare up. Despite the love and good intention of friends and family members, sometimes they just can't imagine what we go through when we have food sensitivities or any other digestive disorder. Not to mention how the heck to cook for us. Or maybe, we're still learning how to cook for ourselves in these situations. Hey, I've been there! I hear you. That's why I put together this book of holiday recipes. All the traditional favorites - without the trouble makers. Enjoy!

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